For the past few months we've been working on finalizing a beautiful space located on 14th street in Manhattan. I'm happy to announce that after much negotiation we have signed the lease and the renovation is in process. The space we're creating will be simple and zen like with hardwood floors, a fully soundproofed meditation room and a lush beautiful garden to enjoy over a cup of tea.  We had planned to open the first week of June but as you know these things never go as planned so it looks like we'll be opening closer to July. We'll keep updating as the work continues.  



First layer of the ceiling soudproofing 

Second layer of the ceiling soundproofing

New wooden floor

Thank you to everyone for all the donations that have been given, we've been able to raise close to $10,000 which is a great help for much of the work that's needed. The journey is not over yet. There is still much work ahead which includes new flooring, meditation equipment and a sound system. For all this we are still asking for help from friends. We have created a donation page on, or a PayPal account ( if preferred. Whatever can be donated will be much appreciated. Thank you for your support.  

Love Arpana & Meera




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