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  • Joffrey studios 434 6th Avenue, 4th floor New York (map)

This New Years Eve we will say farewell to 2017 and welcome the NEW!
The AUM is a two hour active meditation which guides us step by step in a safe supportive environment. It gives us the opportunity to actively explore all that we keep repressed such
as hate, love, sensuality, tears, laughter and joy. Through this self guided and group supported inquiry into ourselves, we begin to experience a new sense of aliveness, which also brings about a spontaneous feeling of playfulness and relaxation.
If you’ve never done the AUM before, I do recommend jumping in for this. It’s something that has to be experienced at least once in your life if not more.

Date: December 31st
Time: 1pm- 4pm
Price: $25
Location: Joffrey studios, 434 6th Avenue, 4th floor. Please take
elevator, not stairs.

‘The new will need much support from those who understand, from those who want some revolution to happen. And the time is ripe, it has never been so ripe. The time is right, it has never been so right. The new can assert itself, the break-through has become possible.’   Osho

Later Event: June 2