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Family Constellation with Darshan

Family Constellation is an innovative, transforming process rooted in psychotherapy and energy work. Since its origin, it has expanded into a number of different themes such as: family of origin and present family, spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness, relationships, success, career, money, organisations, politics, colonisation, emigration and immigration — all issues that human beings currently face both individually and collectively. 

By identifying the Orders of Love, one is able to bring light to unresolved issues within one's family including the ancient generations. These deep-rooted connections are energetically very powerful. Family problems often get passed down through generations thereby creating a chain of tragic fates. In Family Constellation work, we understand that the nature of love creates the suffering a family system. But the same love embodies then wisdom to find a solution, especially if it becomes conscious love in the course of a session. 


“Like so many things around Osho, the most unusual circumstances can become a valuable life-lesson. I was reminded of this once again in Darshan’s Family Constellation Training. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes for reasons not always obvious at the time.” a particpant in Portugal

“Following in the foot-steps of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and Bodhidharma, it has been a wonderFULL week. The Family Constellation group with Darshan was both powerful and deep. I enjoyed my contribution sharing music, meditation, and celebration.” Milarepa on his first time participating in one of Darshan’s workshops in Beijing, China

Cost of workshop: $300 ($50 deposit non-refundable)