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Indian Wedding : Dinner Event

You are invited to an Indian Wedding Dining Experience — in the heart of New York City!

Celebrate the essence of an Indian Wedding with healthy, home-cooked cuisine enjoyed in a colorful meditative atmosphere of laughter, friendship, Bollywood dance, and more. The five-course dinner will be complimented by delicious Asian-inspired cocktails made by our in-house bartender, Meera.

The menu is created by Chef Subodh from Brooklyn senses, whose passion is East-West cooking combining Ayurvedic healing spices of India with the organic natural ingredients of the West. The benefits of this fusion style often go unnoticed, so Subodh will be sharing his experience as the evening unfolds. Hopefully everyone can take away some of this knowledge to use at home in their own kitchen.  

This dinner is brought to you by Brooklyn Senses and hosted by Padma NYC. The micro-greens are sponsored by Brooklyn’s very own organic rooftop farm: Brooklyn Grange

6pm: Bollywood dancing, creative games, henna tatoo’s and a cocktail to get things started. 
7pm: A short meditation to get us settled for the evening ahead. 
7:30pm: Dinner begins

Aperitif Tea (to wake up the appetite)

Soup: Homemade spinach and paneer (soothing starter)

Main course: 
Cashew veggie curry (bright spices to awaken your digestion)   
Green peas, rice and veggie khitchari (light and balancing)
Braised root vegetables with grounding herbs 

Mango rum tiramisu 

The dinner will be served with a complementary asian spiced cocktail.

Cost: $75

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