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  • Padma NYC 6 West 14th Street #2B New York, NY 10011 (map)

The feeling of spring is upon us and what better way to start this new beginning by doing 21 days of Dynamic meditation. If anyone would like to be apart of this journey, you're welcome to join us. If you've never done 21 days of Dynamic before or its just been awhile, I highly recommend jumping in for this. Its an opportunity to come out of old habits and feel the freshness of life once again. 

To give you more of a clear understanding, I've added some answers of Osho speaking in detail on the effects of Dynamic meditation.

Question – ‘Why 21 days?

‘It takes at least seven days to settle, then another seven days to feel the new dimension, then another seven to be completely at home. Twenty one days is exactly the time the mind takes to change completely, to move into another direction. For the first seven days it goes on struggling with the old; the old mind goes on interfering a little. After seven days that old is gone and the new is there, but you are unfamiliar with it, so it is a little strange. After seven days again you become familiar with this. Now it is no longer new and you are settling in it. 

Never suppress, but never create chains — this is the rule. Remember not to suppress, and remember not to create any chains. Once you learn the art you can be free of all these madnesses which come into you, without creating any disturbance in life. Every day catharsis is needed. Life is complex, and many things come into the mind which have to be thrown. That’s why I emphasize Dynamic Meditation so much. You don’t know what you are doing here. When you get into it you are doing all sorts of things. Somebody is throwing anger, somebody is throwing jealousy, somebody throwing hatred, somebody throwing his sadness, screaming — the whole life of misery is being thrown in it. Make it a point every day: just as you clean your body every day, clean your mind. This is a bath for the mind. Throw everything, but don’t throw upon anybody; that is violence. Throw it into the vacuum. And the vacuum is big enough, the space is big enough. Don’t you get worried about what will happen to the pillow, what will happen to the space — nothing is going to happen, all that you throw into it is absorbed. And then it never replies to you, there is no chain created. The act simply ends, no karma is created through it. Do things in such a way that no future is created through them.’
Osho – Seven steps to Samadhi

Question – ‘Can you explain what effects the different stages of Dynamic Meditation have on the states of one’s body, heart, brain and mind?


‘They will have many effects. The practice of meditation, the meditation that I teach, will have any number of physiological results. Many physical diseases can disappear, longevity can increase and many chemical changes can take place in the body. Numerous glands of the body that are, at the moment, as good as dead, can be activated. When one is angry, a particular kind of poison is released in the body. But up to now they have not been able to know what it is that happens in the case of love. As in anger a special kind of poison is released, so in love a special kind of nectar is released in the body. But because love is a rare phenomenon in our world, a loving man has yet to visit a scientist’s lab. That is why the scientist has not been able to detect it. If meditation has its full impact, the body begins to secrete nectar or ambrosia, which symbolizes immortality. 
Meditation has really deep chemical effects on the body. Those who go deep into meditation begin to see extraordinary colors, smell uncommon perfumes and hear unheard sounds. Extraordinary waves of light and sound begin to flow through them. These are all chemical effects of meditation. You will see fantastic colors, such as you have never seen before. In fact, the whole chemistry of the body undergoes a sea change. The body begins to perceive, think and understand things in a different way altogether. All the electric circuits of the body change. Just as a good deal happens at the level of the body, so also a great deal happens at the level of the mind. The possibilities are really great…’
Osho - In Search of the Miraculous

Mondays - Fridays at 7:30am
Saturdays at 8:30am
Sundays at 9:30am

$175 for 21 days
$15 for each meditation