Five Element Yoga

Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire according to traditional eastern medicine. Five element speaks to our body's energies in relationship to each other through 12 major meridians or energy pathways. Each meridian is associated with a particular pair of organs in the body, associated emotions, elements and colors. Five Element Yoga balances your physical, emotional and spiritual energy by working through 12 meridians / energy pathways.  It also aid immunity and general well-being. 


(Dance. Laugh. Silent.)
Laughter lets us reclaim and reconnect with you basic life force and joy. Through prolonged, deep and abandoned laughter, we generate a powerful force throughout our entire body, that begins to loosen our blocked and repressed energy. Many hidden negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour can be shaken loose and released. This revitalises our entire energy field. Many of us have become chronically serious and tense. A state so fundamentally unnatural that we mostly live in fear. Laughter carries within it the greatest intelligence and also a very healthy rebellion. So, you are to give yourself every opportunity to be playful and to allow yourself to laugh totally – allowing your whole body to laugh – from your toes up. Let yourself be overcome with laughter. We start with dance to awake our energy and end with silent sitting.

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