Nadabrahma Meditation


Nadabrahma Meditation is a one hour technique in three stages, that was adapted from an ancient tibetan method.It can be done any time of the day or night, alone or with others. It is good to do this technique with an empty stomach.

First Stage – 30 minutes: Sit in a relaxed position with eyes closed and lips together. Start humming, loudly enough to be heard. Feel the humming resonate throughout your body and fall in tune with its vibration.

Second Stage – 15 minutes (7 1/2 + 7 1/2): Palms upwards start moving your hands forward from the belly. Then separate them so they circle outwards until they come back together at the belly. Continue with this movement. The movement should be very slow, so that at times it appears as if there is no movement at all. Feel that you are giving energy out to the universe. After seven and a half minutes there is a little gap in the music to let you know that you can now turn your palms down and reverse the circular motion of your hands, so that they now divide and circle outwards sideways from the belly and come back together in front of it. Feel that you are receiving energy from the universe.

Third Stage – 15 minutes: Remain sitting or lie down absolutely quiet and still.

It is a mantra meditation, and mantra is one of the most potential ways. It is very simple yet tremendously effective, because when you chant a mantra or you chant a sound your body starts vibrating; your brain cells particularly start vibrating. If rightly done your whole brain becomes tremendously vibrant, and the whole body also. Once the body starts vibrating and your mind is already chanting, they both fall in tune. A harmony which is ordinarily never there - between the two.
— Osho