Padma NYC originally started in 1977 by a women named Satya Priya. Priya ran the center for over forty years out of her studio apartment in Manhattan on Barrow Street in the West Village. 

Padma NYC continues to unfold and be a haven for seekers living in, or passing through, New York City.

At Padma NYC, we combine the wisdom of the East with the science of the West.  We are inspired by Osho whose vision is to bring the East and West together as a whole.  In his words, “Out of that wholeness will arise a new kind of health.”

Osho introduced to the world a series of what he calls active meditation techniques. His understanding is that in this fast-paced modern world we live in, it is almost impossible to go straight from this crowded mind to being silent and relaxed. The process of these techniques first help us release mind/body stress and slow down the overthinking mind. This then gives space to relax into the inner silence that’s already there.

We offer different approaches towards the growth of consciousness and also a wide range of body-oriented therapies and energy work. We hope to provide a loving space where people can experiment, share their creativity and joy, and come simply to be themselves which is not easy living in this mad city of New York.