PADMA NYC Rental Information

Rental Room & Rate

Studio (500 sq ft)                         
up to 10 ppl - $50/hr                              
10 - 20 ppl - $65/hr
20 - 40 ppl - $85/hr
Therapy Room (100 sq ft) - $25/hr
* * 90 minutes minimum rental

Registration Process & Rental Agreements

There is no registration process fee.
You will need to complete a registration form and be required to sign a waiver and release liability .  We can email you both/either forms upon request.

Making a Booking

To check availability, make or cancel a booking, please email :

Making a Payment

Renter must provide a valid credit card number and the full payment must be paid to  complete the reservation.  Accepted payment is cash, credit card, PayPal or check. Please make checks payable to “PADMA NYC Inc.”.  A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks and/or failed credit card charges.

Cancellation Policy

Requests to cancel a reservation will be honored if received 48 hours in advance of scheduled rental date/time, regardless of reason for cancellation, including illness,  emergency or weather.  The cancellation between 24 hour and 48 hours prior to scheduled rental will result in refund of 50% of the full rental due.  If circumstances beyond the control of PADMA NYC Inc. force us to cancel your reservation, PADMA NYC Inc. reserves the right to cancel it and will refund 100% of rental deposit in such case.

Length of Use

Rental time begins as soon as anything is brought into the rented space and ends when everything has been removed. Overtime fees will be assessed at the hourly rate and will be calculated at ½ hour increments.