Ma Satya Priya founded Osho Padma Meditation Center over forty years back under Osho’s guidance. Over a period of four decades hundreds of seekers found Priya and the Meditation Center as a gateway into the world of meditation and Osho. Priya was a true New Yorker. To many of us she was New York. She was born on Mulberry Street in 1932 and spent most of her life in the heart of the West Village as a writer, artist, poet and simply being herself, which is how she will be remembered. Her gift for always speaking her truth touched anyone who came into her life. She was a fiery energy of disturbance, love, and ultimately, provocation. So now we continue with the adventure of finding home in our aloneness and sharing the way. Thank you Priya for the spark of courage that kept us grounded on this journey and continues to light the path. 

Ma Satya Priya
May, 17 1932 - May 23rd 2017