Week of 9/16 - 9/22

Door opens 15 minute prior to the scheduled time. 
First timers please arrive 10 minutes early for registration.
Classes start on time. No late comers allowed.


1 Meditation                                  $15         
1 Zazen                                            $10
Sunday Meditation                     $25
Full Moon Meditation $30
Intro Month                                   $40
10 Meditation Card                     $135


 Dynamic meditation


Dynamic is an hour long meditation with five stages involving intense breathing, catharsis, mantra chanting, silence and finally celebration.  It is a thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the body and mind that keep one imprisoned in the past, which allows one to experience the freedom, the witnessing and the silence that are hidden behind these prison walls.

Kundalini meditation



Kundalini is a shaking and dancing meditation in four stages, done with eyes closed. Its allowing the shaking to move from the earth upwards until every cell in your body is shaking.

Nadabrahma meditation



Nadabrahma Meditation is a one hour technique in three stages, that was adapted from an ancient tibetan method. The first stage is humming for thirty minutes, the second stage is a movement of giving and receiving energy. The last stage is sitting silently doing nothing.

Mandala meditation



Mandala meditation lasts one hour and there are four stages of 15 minutes each.  Every circle contains a center. In the first three stages of this energetic and powerful technique “centering” is the aim, through the creation of a circle of energy. Then, in the fourth stage, the relaxation.

No Mind meditation



A method of release using sound and body movement, Gibberish has been described by Osho as ‘one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind’. It is followed by a guided relaxation into a state of complete let-go.



Zen simply means sitting. In Japanese they have the full word, 'zazen'. It means sitting silently, doing nothing.

Meditation and Celebration


This is a meditation where we celebrate ourselves through dance, laughter and silence. To finish we watch a video of Osho speaking, which is called Satsang.