Sunday Meditation and Celebration

Satsang happens when you are sitting with a person in whose presence you cannot forget yourself, where you can only remember yourself. It is not an intoxicant but an awakener. Satsang means being in the presence of someone where you become aware of your aloneness, of your pure being. If a thousand people are sitting in Satsang, then also there is no crowd. Each person is sitting alone. Each person is sitting in his aloneness.
— Osho

Sunday events are a day of celebration. 
We spontaneouly decide on the meditation technique depending on the energy in the room. This usually lasts for one hour and is followed by the Evening Meeting Meditation. 
The Evening Meeting starts with high-energy music for dancing with totality. 
Let the energy of celebration build up inside. 
Don’t waste energy in shouting or whistling or looking around at others. 
Wearing a blindfold can be helpful.
The first stage is high-energy dancing.
At several times, the energy of the dancing will go high.
When it peaks, the music will stop and one shouts “Osho!” with arms high in the air.
Stage One will end with three shouts of “Osho!” 

About the word “Osho”: 
It is simply a sound without meaning; a sound used to reach the soundless silence. 
The raising of one’s hands to the stars indicates a longing for higher consciousness. 
The shout should be really sharp. 
It has to be said exactly like the lion’s roar which comes from the belly. 
It is not just from your tongue – not even from your throat or heart. 
It hits just under your navel. 
That’s where you are coming from. 
The life center is just under your navel, two inches under the navel. 
You have to watch from what source the shout is coming and go inwards to that source. 
Then it not only hits your center, your very being: it also brings in you a tremendous feeling of joy, laughter, and dance. 
It is celebration.

The three shouts of Osho! at the end of Stage One are followed by Stage Two. 
It is a ten minute silent sitting with soft Eastern-style music and gaps of silence. 
Stage Two ends with three drum beats. 

Stage Three is a video of Osho speaking and is called Satsang.