Arpana Waterfall

I have seven years of experience in New York City working with people in the field of meditation and creative expression. Most of my learning comes from being close to a women named Satya Priya who started Padma NYC back in the late 1970’s. Before her passing in May 2017, she asked me to take responsibility for the center. Since that time, I have organized numerous meditation retreats which helped me develop my communication, accounting, and promotional skills. Also, in leading my own events, I have learned how to create supportive environments for people to relax, express themselves, and enjoy the benefits of meditation. My passion for this work keeps me present and alive. It also helps me stay open and available to whomever comes through the center’s doors. My vision for Padma NYC is to have a place where people can be themselves without feeling judged or pressured, to feel accepted and supported in their personal journey of self-discovery. 

Ere Meera Sakamoto

I am a New York State licensed holistic massage therapist since 2007. I am certified in Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release by the Upledger Institute. I am also certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and have studied NLP with Melissa Tiers. My expertise in bodywork includes Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Connective Tissue Manipulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Five Elements Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, Pre/Post Natal Massage, and Cupping. Additionally, I am a certified yoga teacher and completed teacher training in the Ashtanga tradition with Tarun Kranti Agrawal in India. 

I was born in Tokyo, Japan where I lived until the age of 15, after which I traveled to many countries frequently moving between the USA and France. I participated in a multitude of meditation and workshop retreats which were both illuminating and enriching. My diverse and unique life experiences naturally led me to the inner search. It was an intuitive step connected with this search that led me to a service in holistic work. 

In my work, I seek to provide people with the essential tools they need to nourish and heal themselves, thus allowing them to take full responsibility for their own health and happiness.

My dream with Padma NYC is to create a safe, aesthetic environment where people can relax and heal, returning to their daily lives recharged and better able to face the challenges of living in a big urban environment like New York City.