Festival of Meditation and Celebration
to Sep 9

Festival of Meditation and Celebration

A live music event with meditation and celebration with special guest Vasumati. A beautiful weekend in the Berkshires Mountains to take the seriousness out of life and get a little crazy -- through dance, singing, laughter and relaxing into silence. 

If you're looking for some quality time off the grid and away from your busy schedule, or just some space to be with yourself,  this is the perfect weekend for that. 

The event includes daily meditations, live music, dancing and delicious vegetarian meals served all weekend. 
We are also offering rides from the city if needed.
For bookings please call ‭(914) 719-6619 or email us at oshopadmanyc@gmail.com.

Private room: $430
Share room: $390
Dorm room: $350

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to Jun 9


  • Dhyan Yoga Meditation Center (map)
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Satori is a powerful and intense method of inquiry into oneself. This process aims at establishing a solid connection with the source of life in us – our being. We all have glimpses of it, but they mostly happen accidentally. To come out of this accidentalness we need to discover how we can arrive at the same place consciously. For this we use a set of questions as a device to move through the layers of our thoughts and feelings into a state of no-mind and Being. 

Ganga began her Satori journey under Osho’s guidance back in the early 70s. She has been leading groups all over the world for over 40 years. Ganga’s wisdom, compassion, and mastery of this process are a rare gift. 

For more information on this process visit awareness-academy.com

To book your place contact Arpana: oshopadmanyc@gmail.com                

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1:00 PM13:00


The AUM is a two hour active meditation which guides us step by step in a safe supportive environment. It gives us the opportunity to actively explore all that we keep repressed such as hate, love, sensuality, tears, laughter and joy. Through this self guided and group-supported inquiry into ourselves, we begin to experience a new sense of aliveness, which also brings about a spontaneous feeling of playfulness and relaxation.

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